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2 Good Film Slr Cameras For Beginners

Although DSLR has been all the rage these past few years, many veteran photographers still opt for film SLRs which are known for producing higher resolution images with very little noise and grain. In fact, seasoned photographers advise beginners to shoot with film SLRs so that they will be able to grasp important elements of photography, like composition and lighting more effectively, than rely on the trigger-happy nature of digital photography. If you’re wondering where you could find these devices, you can check out websites like B&H Photo and Video and Ritz Camera. Here are two good choices for beginners:

1. Nikon FM10 35mm SLR Camera with 35-70mm Lens

Many experts would agree that this particular model of camera is ideal for students not only because of its affordable price, but also because of its product features. This camera has manual focus, manual exposure, and manual film loading that will teach you the basic rudiments of a SLR camera. It also has a built-in light meter so you can gauge exposure with no difficulty. Moreover, it has a simple match diode system, center weighted metering pattern and a shutter that does not require the use of batteries.

2. Vivitar V3800N 35mm SLR Camera with 28-70mm Lens

Another product you can try as a beginner photographer is the Vivitar V3800N. Like the previously mentioned SLR, this one is also suitable for people studying photography. Tools like focus, exposure, and film loading are also operated manually. For this camera, you can use Pentax K Lenses. It also has a self-timer, preview for depth of field and built-in center weighted meter. You’ll also love how it enables you to take multiple exposures. Moreover, it has a simple match diode system and a shutter that requires no batteries.

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